Progress report # 2, Decorating the Library at the 2015 Harrisburg Symphony decorator Show House

Last week the basic cornices were cut out assembled and primed.  This week the ornamentation was added.

On the right you can see the first of the decorative trims being clamped and glued in place.

When the large top moldings were dry the thin molding to run along the top needed to be added.  To get the sharp curve at the top, hours of relief cuts steaming and filling would have been necessary.  By using the plastic molding it was done within two hours.

Holes were pre drilled in the molding. The first nail attached the end of the small molding.  The hair dryer was used to heat the plastic molding and gradually it was shaped and nailed in place.

When the molding cooled it held the shape.

The shaped molding was removed, construction adhesive applied and it was nailed back in place until the adhesive dried.

Once dried the nails were removed and the holes filled with caulk.  Caulk was also used to fill any cracks and provide a smooth transition molding to wood.

Show house windows and lou 001.JPG

A crackle medium was applied to the wood only, not the moldings and the cornices were paint green.    The wooden floret elements were primed  and painted green.   Gold leaf was added to part of the plastic molding and the floret element.

After a spray lacquer was applied to the gold leaf the blue trim color as added.

When the paint was dry a few coats of spray lacquer finished the project.

2015 decorator Show House 002.JPG

The mirror purchased for over the mantle was entirely gold leaf.  The blue accents were added.

Two important elements for the room are completed.   Next week work should begin on the  Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table.