Designing and Fabricating a Room for the Harrisburg Symphony Decorator Showhouse

The first step as in any show house and many jobs was to come up with a design concept for the room.

My plan for this room was to honor the Georgian style of the home but not be a slave to it.  All the period style pieces will be painted rather than have the dark wood finishes typical of the period.

Storey Board photos for Robert Allen Fabrics 004.JPG

As I often do, I started looking for a feature fabric from which I will pull the color pallet for the room.  A beautiful embroidered Robert Allen fabric was selected named Great Hopes.  The floral design is appropriate for the period.

With the main fabric selected  wall color and furniture colors were selected as well as subordinate fabrics.

Window treatments were designed.  A floor plan decided upon and appropriate furnishings located.



With this complete a story board was made showing concept sketches, colors,fabric swatches etc.for presentation in the design competition.

Storey Board photos for Robert Allen Fabrics 001.JPG

I was successful in my bid for the library.   In all the years I have been doing Show Houses this only the second room that was not a bedroom and the first on on the first floor.

My plan was for the room to be multi functional.  It would serve as a Library/Den, a Gaming Room  and a room for intimate Dining.  This made the Ducan Phyfe drop leaf table critical.

Since the table was to be painted I didn't want to purchase a new or expensive table.  The table was found on Craigslist.  It isn't much now but when I am finished with it its value will increase significantly. 

Storey Board photos for Robert Allen Fabrics 002.JPG

Another important element in the room is the mirror I planed to hang over the mantle.  The door into the room is arched as is the door to the Living room  across the hall.  The two doors reflecting in the mirror should give a very interesting effect.  After checking all my sources  and unable to find a new Georgian mirror I decided to look at a local antique mall for an old one.  Like the table it was my plan to paint it so I didn't want a mirror of great value.  I hadn't walked 20 steps inside the mall before I saw my mirror hanging on the wall.  SOLD.



While other things remain to be ordered I am relieved that two important elements have been secured.

This week I made the pattern for the wooden window cornices, cut them out and assembled and primed them.

Progress was also made on the design to be painted on the drop leaf table. 







Hopefully l next week I will have another progress report.   I hope you will enjoy this series.

Bill Gantt