Progress Report #3, 2015 Harrisburg Symphony Decorator Show House-Library

#3 decorator showhouse 091.JPG

This week my goal was to distress paint the Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table for the Library.

The table was sanded and the dust wiped off with a damp cloth and allowed to dry.

It was then primed with an oil based primer to be sure none of the old stain would seep through the paint.  The table was coated with distressing medium and was allowed to dry for an hour.

Because I did not want large cracks in the paint on the top surface the blue latex paint was sponged on .  The legs and other parts were brushed.

I should also mention here that I made two leaves to replace missing ones.  They were put in place and finished so they would match. 

When the top was totally dry three coats of sanding sealer were applied.   The build up of sanding sealer allowed me to use a sanding block to smooth the surface without changing the distressed painting.

Stencils were cut for a gold leaf design.



The gold leafing adhesive was stenciled to the surface.

#3 decorator showhouse 103.JPG

After the adhesive developed enough tack the gold foil leaf was tapped into place with a medium stiff brush.

Two border stripes were masked and painted in green.   The stenciled images were touched up by hand and sealed with 3 coats to spray lacquer.   The entire top was then given 3 coats of satin lacquer.




The end caps on the legs were corroded and their brass plating gone.    They too were gold leafed.

I am still debating on whether to add a floral image to the large gold element.

Otherwise the table is finished.

#3 decorator showhouse 109.JPG