Christmas Decorating - Lodge Look

Lodge look tree and mantle
When my father-in-law died he wanted me to have his mounted deer head.  I think because I borrowed it once to use in the Ashcombe Decorator Show House - Gentleman's Smoking Room; he thought I liked it.

Fireplace Wall
About three years ago I was trying to think of something new to do in the shop for Christmas and the idea came to me.

Mirror is hung
Rather than just hang the deer head on the wall I decided it looked richer if it were hung over the top of a mirror.   I hung the mirror.

Deer Head on top of mirror

Using florist wire and a hook in the wall about 6" above the top of the mirror the head is hung.

20' of roping lit dressed and ready for the mantle
To get the length of roping (20') I attached two pieces together.

The center of the roping was attached with florist wire to the same hook holding the deer head.

If you refer back to the blog "making Christmas decorations out of road side weeds"   This is how I use many of them.

Once the roping is attached I begin putting the gold glittered spiked weeds above the deer head.

Keeping everything balanced, I put one through the roping on the right and then one of equal size on the left as much as possible in the exact opposite position.  This is done over and over until I get the shape and effect I want.

Gold glittered spiked weeds are arranged
7' tree is anchored in fancy urn 
Using dried flower, floral Styrofoam, pushed tightly in
the decorative urn, I push the bottom of the tree
into the foam  until secure.   Because the bottom
of this urn is small, a piece of florist wire is attached
from the tree to a hook in the wall for a little extra

As with everyone when I get out last years bows they are a wrinkled mess.  In the past I have used a cardboard roll to help steam them back into shape.

Rolled up towel put into each bow loop allows you to
actually use a steam iron and iron out the wrinkles 

This year I came up with a better idea.  I used a pack of terry shop towels stuffed into each loop, one at a time.   This allowed me to actually iron out the wrinkles.

Here are some more of the natural ornaments I made for the tree.

Garland made from sweet gum pods

Sweet gum pods were painted red and then metallic
gold.  The center of each one had to be drilled out
before they could be strung on florist wire.

Pine cone garland
Garland was also made from pine cones.  They
again, were sprayed red and then metallic gold.
Florist wire is wrapped tightly and into the cone, about 2" down the base. If it gets too much
manipulation pine cones can come loose.  Wrap them back wherever they come loose.

   Glittered spike weeds go in first.

When decorating a tree like this put the spikes in first.  Put them one at a time in on the left and one in the same place and position on the righ. The spikes will follow the lines of the tree.\
They will actually make the tree look much bigger.

Next I put some red ornaments on, a row up the middle about 8" apart and a row top to bottom on the left and right. At this stage is is important to work this way.  Always put things on in a balanced way.

The pine cone and teasel roping are added along with more ornaments for color.

Center of the mantle is completed
Looking closely and you can see all the natural elements
Lodge Look Complete.
I hope you have found this useful and enjoyable.
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Photos of 2012 Christmas Decorating at Gantts Decorating

This is simply a photo album of the shop decorated for Christmas 2012.   The only ideas I have not blogged are the Thorn Branches to decorate Book Shelves.  You might look closely at them and refer to Making Christmas Decorations from roadside Weeds.  Enjoy.

Thorn-like branches painted metallic gold

add a holiday touch to book shelves

Metallic branches in bookshelf

Brown 1/2 upside down tree

Animated Show Window--State Room in a  Sunken Ship

Wishing you a joyous Holiday and a great New Year

Bill Gantt