Christmas Decorating -No Trees

When you don't have room or don't want the bother of a Christmas tree there are ways to give your home a holiday feel.    Here are some ideas.


Collect all your crystal and cut glass into one spot.
I set the ones that will be stable on little round lights
(7 Watt bulbs bulbs-too hot could break the crystal)
that are intended for glass paper weights. Or just put some greens behind it with lots of white lights.   The sparkle is magical!

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Bill Gantt

Christmas Trees decorated White on White

This Christmas I decided to feature a white on white theme.   Personally I have always preferred trees to be at least lightly flocked.  It keeps them from getting too dark.   Now people seem to be warming to the idea.
Let me show you how I do white on white.
Trees ready to decorate

I decided to do a grouping of flocked trees just inside the front door.  They will each be decorated in a different theme.

Below the Polar bear tree is started with an idea I came up with last year.  9" of ribbon is florist wired into a loop, 2" of ribbon is spaced between each loop.  The result is what you see in the center of the tree.

Unique ribbon treatment starts off Polar bear tree

A looped effect is created with wired ribbon

The tree is finished with polar bears, clusters of small wired balls in satin white and tan shiny dark copper.  It also has white poinsettias and white and clear icicles.

Table tree

The tree on the table first has several branches that look like they are full of ice, placed evenly at 4 levels.

The inside of the tree is filled with silver balls.

It is finished with 5 1/2" clear and silver balls,  silver and white birds and three lengths of glass icicles hung together on one hock.

Tree is finished with large clear glass balls, white and silver birds and white and silver ribbon

The third tree was harder to photograph.   It was decorated in platinum or as I call it ,antique silver.

It has large glitter spikes and balls, beautiful Queen Anne's lace, antique mercury glass balls and glass icicles..

Platinum Silver tree

Platinum glitter spikes, 6" glitter balls, three strands of silver beads, and icicles finish the tree
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Bill Gantt