Peacock Christmas Decorating

Last Christmas I used this furniture with walls the intense peacock blue in the ribbon over the oil painting on the right.  It was a big hit.   I told people if I did a room like this in someones home I would have a back up wall color, because a blue that intense would not wear well.   This is the back up color.

I would like to show you how I decorated this peacock colored room for Christmas.

Flocked tree on 18" riser
Because the items I intend to put on the tree are on the dark side, I started with a flocked tree.

Major decorative elements on tree

The first step was to put the major elements on.   Four large peacock balls were hung up the center of the tree.   The colored balls were added next.   It is crucial to put everything on the tree symmetrically.  Find the visual center of the tree.  If you hang something on the right, hang the same thing on the left.  Back and forth down the tree.

Feather like ornaments are added symmetrically.   Note what I am starting
on the top.   I rarely use tree toppers.

Now that all the colored balls are hung, I begin to add the unusual stuff.   These feather like things expand the dimensions of the tree and give it drama.   I am starting something on the top that will replace the typical topper.   Once again everything is balanced.

Next Peacock feathers are put on the tree along with some chartreuse colored birds.    DONE

Completed tree

No tree topper here

Now for the rest of the room.

When I first did the treatment I'm going to show you, I couldn't find ribbon the width or color I wanted.
I ordered some silk and made the wired ribbon.  To make your own ribbon cut silk an inch wider that you want the ribbon to be.   Press over 1/2" on each side.  Don't bother trying to turn it over twice.   With your
zipper foot sew close to the edge while holding florist wire in the fold.  By making your own ribbon you can have any color or width you want.  You can be as wild and crazy as you want to be.

My home made 8" silk wired ribbon

Completed Swag.  Something like this is good especially in a room
without a tree.

Nails are put in the wall to hold the roping

This roping was done on the opposite side of the set.
It consists primarily of glass balls and peacock feathers.


I hope you enjoyed this.  There's more to come so please check back.   Mark your calendar for the Open House Dec. 1 & 2.

Please tell your friends about the open house and my blog.   Write a comment.   I want to know what you think.

Bill Gantt