How to make a 1/2 Upside Down Christmas Tree


A few years back I bought 3 Upside Down trees for the shop.  They are great for display because the keep your table tops open for other things.   Also the ornaments show well.   I have two areas in the shop that are like little foyers.  I thought it might be good to put 1/2 upside down trees there, since they would be up and out of the way.  Now that I have been doing them, I think they are perfect for a very small areas where you might want a tree.  Otherwise I think they should be used for display only.

I have a place in the stock room for trees so that I don't have to disassemble the each year.   Among the trees I had was one that had hook on branches.   It was particularly annoying because every time I moved it the branches would come off.

Branch holder cut in half and attached to dowel
I bought two wooden dowels the same diameter as the metal tree center.   Then I carefully worked loose the plastic units that the branches hook into.
Once they were slipped off the metal pole I cut them in half.  These half pieces were then glued and screwed to the wooden dowel.  At this point it is important to remember that what was the bottom of the original tree is now the top and visa verse

The branch holder for the longer branches is attached to what will be the new top of the tree and in the opposite direction.   Before you attach it permanently hook a branch in to be sure the direction
Old hook on branches color coded for length
is right.  Space the other parts the same distance as
they were on the original tree.

I used hot glue to hold the branches in place so they wouldn't come out any more.  Keep some of the smallest branches for the bottom (former top) of the tree.  Use pliers to bend a small hook shape on the ends of the branches.  Hook one or two branches over the ones above them to create the top (at the bottom)  of the new tree.

Screw eye attached to top which gets attached to screw at
Put a screw eye in the end of the dowel at the top
(old bottom) of the tree.   Since there is always a stud at the top of walls,  Use a large drywall screw .
Screw it into the stud about an inch down from the ceiling.  Only leave about an inch of the screw exposed on the wall.  It should be so hard to see you can probably leave it there to use year after year.    I use a double piece of heavy florist wire first hooked to the screw eye and then holding the tree against the wall and ceiling; wrap the florist wire tightly around the screw several times.   Put on the lights, shape the branches,  decorate.   DONE!

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