Christmas Decorating an Aqua and Chartreuse Dining Room

INTERIOR DECORATOR INTERIOR DESIGNERI hope you will enjoy this series of pictures showing the steps of decorating this aqua and green dining room.

Dining Room before work started.

A 24" wood circle is put on top of a 26" pedestal
I decided to put the tree on the right side of the server, which visually balances the large sculpture
on the left.  Because the tree was going into a tight corner, it needed to be put on a pedestal.

Tree is placed on pedestal


Bluish cherry blossom branches  added

Next I added several pale blue cherry blossom branches.
This softened and expanded the lines of the tree.

Bright matte chartreuse  balls added 

Matte chartreuse balls are hung symmetrically on the tree.
For a good looking tree, ornaments should never be hung randomly.

4" wired cream ribbon is put back to back with
the same ribbon in gold

Next I put cream and gold 4" wired ribbon back to back,  made a bow in the middle of it , attached the bow to the top of the tree and coiled the ribbon down both sides of the tree.

Blue damask  balls, angels and beads finish the tree
Large blue damask glass balls, angels and some gold beads finish the tree.

The skirted serving table is next to be done.
The top is cleared and work starts.

Two nails already in the wall on each side of the art work led me to make the bows and ribbon so that it looks like they are holding the roping up.   The lamps were replaced with a pair of "antique mercury glass" electric hurricane lamps.  The roping was decorated with chartreuse and blue damask balls.  Artificial fruit adds more color.

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