Redecorating a Client's Guestroom

Client's antique bed and crochet fringed coverlet

Wall unit ,Chinese Screen and antique  bar
create a diagonal line leading the eye to
the focus of the room, the bed.

Having joined two households my clients had a wealth of furniture, antiques and accessories.  Considering the idea that they may decide to sell the home and needing to simplify, I was called in.  I helped my clients decide which pieces of furniture to keep and where to use them as well as selecting carpet and colors that might help sell the house in the future.  Colors selected were chosen to be light and neutral enough to sell the house but warm enough to look good with the predominately dark furniture.   Naturally since this was a guest bedroom the bed  was the focus of the room.    My client had an antique crocheted coverlet she wanted to use on the bed.

Light textured carpet.  Fringe on the antique coverlet is reproduced on the pillow .

Light, but textured carpet was chosen for its soil camouflaging and wear ability. A cream and pale sage textured floral fabric was chosen for the windows and pillows.  In order to reproduce the fringe effect of the antique coverlet, I used cotton bullion cord.  I cut away 2 out of three bullion, cut and unraveled the remaining bullion.   (see blog "How to make a box pleated shaped valance" )

Box pleated welted shaped  valance with fringe

Throw pillows
Because the fabric was heavy the valances were welted with a medium sized stiff welt so they would not loose their shape.   The fringe was top sewn  just above the cord.

Throw pillows bring the fabric to the bed.  To add a little extra interest, I made a third pillow out of silk, appliqued a flower from the fabric and used a complimentary brush fringe.

Six framed prints from Turkey were arranged above the bed to bring focus to the bed area.   A glass top was added to an antique smoking cabinet so it could be used as a bedside table.

Bill Gantt