Upside down Christmas tree in cherry blossoms and copper colored poinsettias

One place I feel an upside down 1/2 tree works really well in a home is in a small foyer or hallway where space is at a premium.

In this foyer set up in the shop, I don't even take the art down.  I just hang the tree over top of it.   It actually creates a nice effect.

I started off with 3' artificial cherry blossom branches.  They were put in the tree at the very top and  used to divide the tree into five equal spaces.   I like to take the branches next to the ceiling out as far as possible for a dramatic effect.  Each row down the tree, the branches must get shorter.  I also used dried weed spikes which were painted gold on each level.

Copper colored Poinsettias were placed in rows between the rows of cherry blossoms.

I suppose it is good from time to time to test your guidelines.  I thought, on this tree I'll just put multi colored balls on randomly.  I hadn't gone too far before I realized it wouldn't look good.  So I went back to my rule and hung the balls logically - arranged by color to spread the color evenly over the tree.

I decided to do the bead treatment I came up with on the purple, gold and olive upside down tree; but with a different twist.   The beads again were attached to the outer most branches next to the ceiling.  This time I caught them up and attached them to the tree just below the second row of cherry blossoms.  They drape about 24" from the ceiling.  The beads are then wired together at the bottom and pulled up and attached to the tree, creating another drape.

Tree looking up through it toward the ceiling

I hope you found this useful.   Please leave a comment.  I want to know what you think.

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Bill Gantt