Decorating an Upside Down Christmas Tree in purple olive and gold

Tree attached to ceiling and ready to start

While some people are bringing upside down trees into their home, I feel they are more appropriate in a retail situation.  It is my belief that they were the invention of showroom decorators in the Silvestri show room in New York.  That was the first time I saw them.   I have also been told of a local bar that used to hang a real tree upside down.  You know, the old clock running backward etc.

This tree is prewired  with white lights.

Wired purple gold and olive ribbon , with purple and olive
florist wired glass balls
Creating the theme of this tree is a purple,olive and gold wired ribbon and purple and olive florist wired balls.   Bows are made of the ribbon and the wired balls are attached in the center.


Wired ribbon is attached  to 3 of the
upper branches equidistant from each other
The wired gold olive and purple ribbon is attached to the branches nearest the ceiling in three places equal distances apart.   They are also attached to the bottom of the tree.

The the bow and ball arrangements that were made up ahead of time are attached to the vertical ribbon and tree.  Four of these arrangements are attached equidistant up each vertical ribbon.  Enough vertical ribbon is left between each attachment site so that it bows out from the tree some.

Bows and balls attached to vertical  ribbon and tree
Ribbon and bows in place

Strings of beads attached evenly
around top of tree

Completed tree

I wanted to use beads on this tree.  This idea came to me.   The beads are attached the same distance apart around the tree at the ceiling.   The beads are cut about 24" longer than the length of the tree.   They are pulled together evenly and connected with florist wire.  The connected ends are pulled up and attached to the top of the upside down tree.  I don't expect everyone will like it, but it is different.  It looks a little like an upside down tree in an upside down bird cage.

I hope you found this useful and enjoyable.   Please leave a comment.  I'd like to know what you think.
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Bill Gantt