Decorating a Christmas tree in Black and Gold,Copper and Red

Black,Gold with copper and red accents

with focus in the center

Having done gift boxes in black,tan and gold, I thought I would decorate a Christmas tree in a similar fashion.  I also thought it would be interesting to do an important arrangement front and center.   I think, perhaps my center arrangement should have been a little smaller.  It seems to have overpowered the tree.

That, however, is part of the creative process.  It is a new idea.  Next year I'll refine it.  If you like the concept I'll show you how I did it and you can make your own improvements.

Tree is mounted in decorative urn

using dried flower Styrofoam 

Inside of tree is filled with gold wired florist balls 


The first step of this tree is a detail that does not photograph

well.   The inside of the tree is filled with gold wired florist balls.  This adds a richness better appreciated in person.

Oversize glass gold finials are hung

Initially I hung the over-sized glass finials down the center of the tree.  Eventually they ended up going down each side.

 Surely you don't think I know exactly what I'm going to do in the beginning.

red and gold wired florist balls, 8" dowels, electric staple

gun and piece of cheap pine roping 

What I did know was that I wanted a significant arrangement in the center of the tree.   I cut the dowels to length, and took apart the cheap roping.   Each dismantled branch gave me 6" pieces of fake pine.   Using the staple gun, I attached the end of the 6" piece to the end of the dowel.  I then wrapped it around the dowel.  When I got to the end I stapled it and stapled the end of the next piece on top of the previous end.  This process was repeated until most of the dowel was covered.

dowels covered in fake pine

Yes they look strange, but wait.  Knowing how to do this could come in handy for a lot of decorating scenarios.    Next wired gold balls are wired to the ends of all the sticks.   The pine covering helps make the balls stay in place.

Gold balls wired to the end of the pine sticks

Copper, gold and red balls are wired down the stem

A mixture of gold, copper and red balls are wired down the stick.

Center decoration in process

A large black and gold bow is made and attached to the center of the tree.  The pine/ball sticks are put in place and attached to the tree.  No ornaments other than the finials are put on the tree.

Pine/ball stick is added to black and gold bow at

the top of the tree

After the center is done a leftover pine/ball stick is used above the bow on top of tree.

So love it or not, there it is!

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