Velvet Rose-Christmas Wrap-Reusable

In an earlier blog I showed how to make the "Gantt" velvet rose.    In this blog I will literally show you the "rest of the package."   If you wrap your gifts like I show you,  the box will more than likely be used over and over or kept year to year as a decoration.  

I will be doing more blogs on at least two other gift wrapping ideas and many ideas for Christmas

decorating for your home.   Be sure to check back at

You can use any kind of paper you like.   I prefer solid colors.   "Christmas patterned" papers really distract from all the other decorative work you are going to do.

Measuring the box with a tape measure makes for a much neater package and creates less waste.

Determine the "sides" &  "ends"  of the box.   The "ends" are the smaller dimension if the box is not square and where you will fold the paper.

Measure up one "side" of the box - across the top - and down the other "side."   Add 2" to that measurement.

Measure and mark the middle of each of the "ends."

Measure from the middle of one "end" across the "side" and to the middle of the other "{end."   Add 1"  to that measurement.     These two measurements are the length and width to cut the paper.    Measure and cut carefully.   If the paper is not cut square, you won't be able to use it.   I often use a framing square.

Use a yard stick to measure and mark the paper.

Center the paper on the "side" of the box.   Bring the paper up over one side and over the edge 1".

Tape the 1" to the inside of the box.   Now bring the rest of the paper over the top and down the other

"side" of the box.    Tape that 1" edge to the inside of the box.

Center paper on "side" of box and tape

Fold each half of the end & tape to

inside of box.

Fold the paper on the "ends" of the box.   Keeping the paper tight tape each fold.    Put the last piece of tape

on the "end"  in the center where the ribbon will cover it.   To save ribbon I usually only put it on each end

and tie it in the center.

For the ribbon, measure from the edge of the "end" of the box to the center of the top.   Add to that about 8"

This will give you enough to tie a knot to hold your bow in place.       Cut two lengths of ribbon this length.

Ribbon inside box face down--staple pull out- ribbon hides staple

Place the ribbon inside the box(or lid) with the face of the ribbon against the inside of the box.

Staple the end of the ribbon to the edge of the "end " of the box.   Do the other end the same.

When you bring the ribbon out of the box the ribbon will cover the staple.

Bring the ribbon to the center and knot it to attach the bow, roses and wired balls to the top.

Tie on greenery wired balls etc.


Put lid on box

I hope this was useful.  Let me know what you think and tell your friends about my blog.