Christmas Gift Wrap two color ribbon

Several years back when I decided to provide gift wrap for my clients,  I decided on shades of aubergine and light and darker purplish shades.  Even though I had never seen it done, I wanted two colors in the bow.

This is how I do 2 color ribbon wrapping:

Box lid wrapped  with ribbons

Wrap the lid or box as shown in "Christmas Wrap

with Velvet Roses"

Measure from the edge of the side of the box to the middle of the top and add 8".   Cut two wide

ribbons that length and two narrow ones the same length.

Put the narrow ribbon inside the box with the face against the inside of the box.  Center it on the side of the box and staple it about 1/2" up from the edge.

Center the wide ribbon on top of the narrow ribbon with the face of the ribbon toward the

inside of the box. Staple the end of the wide

ribbon on top of the narrow ribbon.  Do the same

thing on the other side of the box.

Pull the wide ribbons out and to the center of the

box and tie in a knot.

Pull the narrow ribbon out and over the top and

tie a knot on top of the wide ribbon.

Put the box aside. Twist together the elements of the

nosegay for the center of the bow.   If you prefer

you can buy elements ready made at craft stores for

around 75 cents each.   I like to buy things after

Christmas on sale and cut them apart and make my own.

To make the bow I like to use a 4 pack of light bulbs.  It makes a good

size bow and is flexible enough to be able to slide the bow off.

With the narrow ribbon on top and face up centered on top of the wide ribbon also face up, hold the end with your index finger.  It is important

that the narrow ribbon be centered on the wide one.  Wrap the ribbons

around the box 6 or 7 times.   Cut the ribbon just beyond your index

finger.  Holding the ends you started with and the ends you just cut,

carefully slip the ribbon off the box. Don't let it get away from you.

Carefully slide ribbon off box

 hold the ribbon together in the center

notches cut out on both sides

Fold the ribbon in half and cut notches out on both sides.

Be sure to leave 3/4" in the middle.

Putting a staple in the center of the bow makes it easier to work with and allows you to make them up in advance.

Place the bow and nosegay in the center, over the

knots.  Use the wider ribbon to tie a knot over both

pieces.  Be sure it is tight.

Now starting on one half of the bow pull the innermost loop of  wide

ribbon out and twist it to one side so that it is vertical or perpendicular

to the top of the box.   Pull the next loop of ribbon which will be the narrow one out and twist the opposite direction.  It will practically sit on top of the wide one.

Second loop out, twisted  sitting on top of the first one


It is important to pull each one out from the inside out in order and twist the wide loops in one direction and the narrow loops in the opposite direction.    After you finish one side , do the other.  You will begin to see a beautiful two color bow take shape.

Cut off excess ribbon and work center piece into shape .     DONE!

As always I hope this was enjoyable and useful.    Please leave a COMMENT so I know what you think.

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Bill Gantt