Master Bedroom with Cathedral Ceiling

My most recent project was decorating a Master Bedroom.  The client had already had  the paint effect done on the walls and ceiling.  While it may not have been the color I would have chosen as a decorator it was my responsibility to make the room look good.

Fortunately the furniture was a light finish.  That in combination with the light carpet helped to keep the space from becoming overwhelmingly gloomy.

The feature in the room is the dramatic height and the ceiling line.   I chose fabrics that would not only tie in with the brownish wall color but also contrast enough to give the room a much needed focal point.

As with every job three design sketches were presented.

My client selected the sketch on the left.

Fabrics were selected to tie in with the wall and ceiling color but also contrast enough to  bring some much needed color and interest into the room.




The canopy is eleven feet above the floor and gives the room drama and focus.

Two crossed gold arrows hold the center swag and create a neoclassic effect.

The angle of the gold arrow holding the swag and jabot treatments emphasizes the ceiling lines.


The canopy and window treatments lift the eye and the spirits providing the much needed focal point for the room.

The pillow shams are made with custom stripes and have a different pattern on the back to allow the client to make minor changes day to day.





Against the headboard a soft extra large sham with the client's initials quilted on one side and a geometric pattern quilted on the other, covers the client's sleeping pillows.

The next set of shams have the solid green silk side shown here.  On the back of those is a custom made stripe .

The smallest shams are showing the side made of custom converging stripe.  The stripe contains a stripe from the dust skirt fabric,Dark green velvet of the canopy frame, green silk and a lighter velvet that will cover a loveseat in the room.

The small round pillow with the main fabric completes the bed.


Here the shams are turned front to back showing one set with a custom made strip and the front set in dark green velvet with birds from the main fabric applied to them.


It was a wonderful job.   Hope you enjoyed this presentation.


A blog showing how to make the canopy frame will follow

Bill Gantt