Moving Gantt's Decorating

UPDATE: I am still at my temporary site at 829 State street Lemoyne, suite 2004.  It has been difficult.  I have a work area and am making drapes for jobs that were started before the move.  After a number of broken promises and broken deadlines, things are finally on track for me to open in my  new space SUITE 3004, next door to the Plumb Bottom shoe outlet.  If all goes well I should be open in early October.  Hopefully by the end of next week (Aug 16) I will again have access to my wallpaper and fabric books.  That will allow me to take on new drapery and or upholstery work.   Thanks for your patience.   As you can imagine after 3 mos. with no incoming work I will be grateful for any new projects.

Bill Gantt

After 20 years at this location, high overhead and bad economic times have made it necessary to relocate.  While the process has been anything but smooth, the first step is finally complete.  I am out of this space and into a temporary space while the new one is being prepared.

Mid way, Boxing and boxing.  If you have a move in the future, notice the 30 dozen egg boxes.  If I had known how perfect they are for moving, I'd have been getting them from the Giant stores months ahead.  Not only is the size perfect, they have handles on the sides.  I also learned that it is much easier if your boxes are uniform is size.  It makes the stacking a lot faster and easier.   Of course I keep saying after this move, if anything gets boxed for a move from the next location: it will be MY cold dead body.                                                                                                                                  

My good friend Olga Bekelja who didn't want her picture taken, has been the steadying and inspiring influence for several years.  You really do find out who your friends are when you move.

My beautiful velvet and silk canopy bed packed in garbage bags

                                                            MY DREAM TEAM
My good friend Marshall (on my right) put together this great group of men from the Salvation
Army rehab unit.

Marshall is the friend I've written about before and is on my right.  On the far right my son Julian came down from NYC to help.  I appologyze I can't remember everyone 's name.  One I remember is Kelly in the back.  At the end of the night Kelly didn't move his foot quickly enough and got his big toe broken and his toe nail torn off under the lift.  He was a brave solder. Julian took him to the emergency room and stayed with him until I could get there.  These guys were great!  They worked hard, showed a great sense of comradery and did a fabulous job. I felt like I made 7 great new friends.

Since the Salvation army guys had to work until 3:30, Julian and I loaded most of the boxed stuff until they could start.

By 11:00PM Sat night everyone except Kelly was back to the Salvation Army facility.  I dropped Kelly back at 1:00AM.  Through all his emergency room trauma, Kelly could only have novocaine shots in his toe and "motran" for pain. Otherwise he would have been dropped from the rehab program.

Sunday morning I am looking at what still needs to be moved and the little space I have left at the temporary space.  Finally I decided I'd have to rent a storage locker for the rest.  I called Marshall.  Once again to the rescue, he was able to get Claude to help and the three of us finished loading the balance of stuff in the large stock room.  After some feverish searching and a false start, I was able to convince a woman to stay after 3:00 closing for Deb to get to and pay for storage space.  Claude and Marshall helped me decide what to throw away and what to move.  They worked especially hard.

If you need any sledge hammer work Claude is your man. Marshall, not so much.  These guys saved my butt again.  Of course Marshall has been the "wind beneath my wings" through the whole process. I have to say he is the best friend I have now and have had for a long time.

I spent Monday thru Thursday discarding and moving the balance of the small stuff and cleaning and vacuuming.  Finally Thursday afternoon I turned in the Keys.

Good bye Derry Street

                                                            HELLO NEW TEMPORARY SPACE

                                           829 STATE STREET, LEMOYNE
                                                     SUITE 2004    561-8166


Until the new space is ready I'll be here.  I can operate my work room fabricating drapes and reupholstering, Just no retail yet.   Grand Opening Coming Soon ETC ETC.