Decorating a Christmas Tree in gold copper and red

Plaster urn looks better than tree skirt

Tree in gold copper and re
In preparation for the gold copper and
red going on this tree, colored lights are
added to the already wired white ones.

Even though they are barely noticeable
when the tree is fully decorated, I think
they add something extra to the final

The tree is anchored in the plaster urn
with dried floral Styrofoam.

Gold glittered astibule spikes, and gold and copper colored poinsettia are placed at the top of the tree and evenly up and down each side.

The center of the tree is decorated with many types of gold decorative balls and simple red and copper colored glass balls.
All of the ornaments of course are hung symmetrically.  I often tell people the secret of a rich look, especially at Christmas; is to use so much that it looks like you can afford to throw it away.

Notice the beads on this tree
Illustrating my "throw away" theory, notice how I have done the beads.  I got this idea a few years back.
I use three or more sizes of beads, in this case 3 gold and 1 copper and knot them like pearls with about 8" between each knot.   Now that is a rich look!

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Bill Gantt