Christmas tree in chartreuse and red

Tree ready to be decorated with items
on the floor

I thought I would share this tree with you because it has some interesting effects.

The first time I did this tree I started with a Santa Topper.

I had the curved branches laying in the fore ground.  Not knowing what else to do with them I began putting them evenly around the top of the tree.

When they were all in place the top somewhat resembled a fountain.   Santa began to resemble a scene from an old Esther Williams film.   It looked like Santa was going to dive out of the fountain I had inadvertently created.    Santa was relieved of his
position and I continued onward.

Items planned for tree
Tree topper

With Santa in retirement, I needed something that would look good.   Unfortunately I don't have progressive photos of this one.  I used a 24" wooden dowel, wrapped it with some cheap roping, stapled the roping at each end.   I then worked some over sized beads and lights into the mix. Four 36" lengths of wired ribbon were cut of green and red.   They were wired on to the top of the dowel shaped as you see and wired along with the ends of the beads about 12" from the top of the dowel.  The lights were plugged in and the whole thing wired into the top of the tree.

Considering the size of the tree and what I had to put on it,  I decided I would get more mileage out of the ornaments by using several of them in like arrangements placed evenly on the tree.


Large arrangements added to the tree
Arrangement of  several items

Looking up at the finished top
With the top dealt with, and the arrangements in place; over sized glass red balls were added between the arrangements.

Balance of ornaments added .
Red glass balls added
Looking closely at the picture below, you can see another trimming idea.   I must admit it is not mine.
Three consecutive lengths of wired ribbon are cut and wired together on one end.  The short one is on top and the end is coiled down.   The next longest one just below is coiled down the same way.  The bottom one is also coiled.  This is a good technique to fill the tree, especially if you are a little short of ornaments.  It is also a good way to blend the colors on a tree by representing them in this treatment.
Don't skimp do plenty of them and put them evenly
on the tree.

Close up of completed red and chartreuse tree


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Bill Gantt