Tea Cup Christmas Tree

About ten years ago I was looking for a new tree decorating idea.   It occurred to me that a lot of women collect tea cups.  Why,I thought; not decorate a Christmas tree with them.   After mulling

the idea over, I came up with what I think is the best way to do it.  

Here is a list of what you need to do a Tea Cup Christmas tree:

  1. Artificial tree
  2. Tea cups and saucers
  3. 9 guage galvinized tensioner wire.   It is found in the fencing section and sells for $22.00 a spool.
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Cheap artifical pine roping
  6. Small birds
  7. Spanish moss or other nesting material
  8. Florist wire
  9. Spoons

Starting near the top of the tree, measure how far out from

the center you want the tea cup to sit.  Add 14" for the

coiled part the tea cup sits on, multiply that by two.

Add 7" for the center that wraps the tree.                      

Although the wire pictured is not equally balanced side to side, that is the goal.

As you go further down the tree, the length from the center out will be more.   Looking at the picture,  the first one may measure:

         14" -


" - 7" -


" - 14"   and the second:

         14" -


" - 7" -


  - 14"   and so on.

By bending the wire around the tree with a place

for a cup on each end the cups counter balance

each other.  It is also easier to work with the wire.

When the wires are all securely on the tree,  take appart the cheap pine roping.   You will have  little

pine-like pieces 2" or 3" long.   Wrap your cup holder wires with these pieces.

Now try sitting the cups on the coils.   You may

have to adjust them some for level, but if the

cup holder wires are tight on the tree all should go well.

Nesting the birds in the cups brings the tree to

a higher interest level.

About two years a go I added the silver spoons and artificial fruit.   A piece of florist wire around the

stem of the spoon holds them on the tree.

Cup holder-wrapped and ready

Cup and saucer in place

Tea Cup Tree

I decided to publish this blogg early as a preview of my Christmas decorating bloggs in the works now.   I hope you will find this one useful and enjoyable.  If you do,  please check out my other bloggs at ganttsdecorating.com.   Please let me know what you think.

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