Window treatments- Topper or topless

For those of you who are unfamiiar with the term topper let me explain.  It is a skimpy little treatment of fabric stuck at the top of a window.  No matter how tall the window may be "toppers"
are usually no more than 12" long. They are disproportionate little dabs of fabric often sold as "add ons" by people who sell shading systems. The sales pitch is, "You need a little something else to finish off the window."   or "We need something to add a little color." There is no shame in not being able to afford to dress a window properly or completely.  The shame is in wasting money on something that is so skimpy it shouts to your guest, "They couldn't afford to do the whole window!"

If form follows function, What are the functions of a proper window treatment?
Make the window aesthetically  more pleasing by:

Softening the lines
Adjusting the proportions ie making it seem taller or wider
Accentuating the good points while playing down the bad
       for example, a round top window should always get a round top
Control the amount of light entering the room
Possibly save on heating or cooling
Provide privacy if needed
Create an architectural effect
Help create a stylistic theme for the room

Applying these standards tells the tale on Toppers.

If you need a privacy treatment do it .  Don't forget there are many styles of custom shades that can be made in many fabrics.  A custom shade in the right fabric can give you privacy, save on heating and cooling and decorate the window properly.  If you don't need privacy wait until you can do it properly.  A bare window at least looks intentional.  A topper looks at best like you lost the rest of
your window treatment in the move.

My advice , if you're thinking of spending money for a topper is DON'T!  

             JUST GO TOPPLESS1

Bill Gantt